Run Away With Me !!!!

Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepsen

These are some sketches and drawings by me ... and I usually don't show them to people .. but one of my friends happened to see them and she said .. She would have to reconsider her friendship with people who drew such foolish stuff .. hehe ... Tell me if you would have to reconsider our friendship too .. hehe ... They aren't that bad ... are they ? 




So I usually like to draw when my mum is watching her tv serials .. (which I can't but have to tolerate ) and I'm waiting for dinner ... so I have my earphones on .. and I'm listening to some song .. and drawing ... 




 So one is something I drew .. and since I was listening to this song which I'm obsessed with 'Run Away With Me' along with few others like 'Call me maybe ' and my favourite ... I can't get over this .. 'I really like you ' ... all by Carly Rae Jepsen  ... Hence the title ... and I find myself singing this line at random places ... "Over the weekend .. we could turn the world into gold .. "




The other one is a random drawing again ... pretty much representing my situation at present ... The caption line .... "Where to miss ? ... To the stars ... " is from my favourite movie .. "Titanic" .. And I can go on talking endlessly about this movie ... I'll write a separate post on this someday ... And not to miss ... the top that the girl is wearing is my attempt at replicating a sweater that I saw online and liked it .. but long story ... I couldn't buy it ... its called .. "Miss bennet london waffle crop sweater " ... all the girls out there ... check it out ... 




That's it !!





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