My life: The perfect movie script

My life: The perfect movie script

This time is as good as a roller coaster downfall ... every single thing utterly emotional for me (and unwantingly important to me) is in as complicated a state as can be . 


Firstly , The technically important thing:  my work purpose at present ;not going too well .


Then this extremely sensitive key on my keyboard of emotions (Yeah ! This is the echo key ... play it once ... its gonna play for some time on its own) This has just been pricked again &the strangest thing ... I really don't know how ... my intuitions are never wrong ..!!! As if something told me ... watch out .. its coming!



And then this third part of my lovely emotions ! .. though somethings don't turn out to be the way you misinterpret them. ... 


So these three most  emotional or important things are playingoin my mind simultaneously....


The 'sensitive key'  thing scares me. .. though not that much any longer ... and The work purpose is important ... 


Spiderman ! you never fail to give me strength.. baffle me .. irritate me ... but I know .. no ... :) :) :) :) :)  and you my only superhero .!! No one else ever !!! (Yayyy ... I'm a great Andrew Garfields fan too you see )

Having said that ... these things which make most vulnerable are all super complicated ... This is by far the most vulnerable ,emotional and sensitive phase in my life ... some important blunders ... no control over anything .. And so I'm becoming insomniac again ... And my eyes are shutting even now. .. but I've got important stuff to finish up ... 


Just that nothing can replicate what I'm feeling now ... 


# superwomanletsrock


P.S. some serious strong messed up emotions ... Lets see how i live through it ... Endless hope ..  eh ?

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