I chose the roller coaster !!!

Just finished dinner early today ... I was watching a movie 'Parenthood' ... didn't really get the jist of the movie .. had just stopped while flipping channels....  one particular scene  made an impression ....


couple  in their drawing room ... arguing about something (don't know what exactly ... as I said just ended up watching that ) ... the man more of a pessimist ; was arguing about their life or their children's life (don't know ) ... he was emphasizing on 'what a mess ' it was .... he says ' there will be so many times when they will not achieve what they want '  .. to this the woman says 'and there will be so many times when they will ' 


Amidst this the man's grandmother enters ... a really old woman with spirits as young as could be !


Seeing them argue she says this  :

' It amuses me as to how a roller coaster ride can scare me so much ... can fill me with excitement , make me afraid and thrilled all at the same time ! ... I remember when I went for a roller coaster ride ... It was fun ! Many were afraid ... so they chose the Mary -go -round  ... it just goes around ... but I choose the roller coaster .... not very predictable ... but hence thrilling and fun .. ! I like roller coasters !!! '


So true ... maybe I'm not able to appreciate the uncertainties in my life ... but that is why its fun .... if I am not happy with something ... I look up to things being better ... that is because I know it is uncertain and will change for the better ... maybe worse one time ... but then better the next time .. !!


I agree my life's not as pleasant as I want it to be at present ... but behold yourself people .... ADVENTURE AWAITS !!!!





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