How I feel .

This is a collection of how I feel about my work and things in general... Absolutely Fearless! Is it good to be absolutely fearless in the moment , fearless to the extent of not realizing what the consequences can be.. or being so fed up that you can't help but not care. You've had enough to care. Hmm.

Contemplating so many ideas and plans but not being able to do anything about the present . The best way that I can describe this is that - This is like a bad marriage.Not that I know what that feels like but I would like to believe thats how I feel . I want it to work but I don't want it to work . It's hard to explain.I want to make amends but I can't get myself to do so and somewhere ,I don't want to do this. That is the best way I can describe this.



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  1. malactind1990

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    May 16, 2017